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Learning From the Master, Leonardo

November 11th, 2013

I recently saw a documentary on our local PBS station about one of my favorite artists of all time, Leonardo da Vinci. One of my favorite artists of all time, and especially of the Renaissance, da Vinci was the true Renaissance man---artist, inventor, mathematician, scientist. He is credited with being the first person to study the biology of the human body by dissecting cadavers, his notebooks filled with detailed figure drawings from those dissections. He also studied how water moved, he even drew designs for the first flying machines

One of Leonardo's painting trademarks was the use of sfumato, which is a style that eliminates the use of contour lines and creates outlines with the use of color only. It gives the art a 'smoky' effect, which can add drama and realism to the painting. One of his most famous examples is the portrait he painted known as Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa photo Mona_Lisa_by_Leonardo_da_Vinci_from_C2RMF_retouched_zps02d92392.jpg

I have always been a fan of the sfumato technique, and often incorporate a version of it in my drawings. Below is an example of my "Renaissance" style, an art class project I did, in which I borrowed heavily from the master of both technique and subject matter. This Madonna and Child was drawn with charcoal pencil on charcoal paper, it was the preliminary drawing for a painting. I tried to use the 'smoky' technique in the folds of Our Lady's gown, the background, and the skin folds.

 photo madonnaandchild2_zpsd84f542b.jpg

In this drawing of Playboy's very first Cyber Girl of the Year, Alicia Burley, I tried to use the shading to distinguish the various body parts from each other. Alicia has such lovely curves, and this art seemed to lend itself to usning a variation of the sfumato technique.

Alicia Burley photo aliciaupdatedcensored_zps1a7af573.jpg

In my progression as an artist, it's important not to stagnate. After watching this special on da Vinci, I have decided to try to incorporate the shading sfumato again in my art. I hope you'll like it.

Happy Holiday Specials

November 4th, 2013

I know it seems early to offer up this type of greeting (unless you've walked into any retail store in the USA!), but I want to let you know of some exciting things we are promoting for holiday gift giving:

*From November 2, 2013 to December 31, 2013, we are offering 25% off the price of the print itself (not materials or shipping). Depending on the size, you can save a lot of money on a high-quality print of any one of my art pieces that is for sale. Use Discount Code EYSBRR in your shopping cart.

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Marilyn Monroe Part 2

April 8th, 2013

Marilyn Monroe Part 2

 photo 0c9fecf4-9bfc-477b-a9f2-2e4f5292d54f_zps7c0c1315.jpg

A brand new piece, a new version of my beautiful Marilyn Monroe Reclining Nude drawing. Based on the photo by Bert Stern, this is completely updated.

This drawing is actually a very special birthday gift from my wife and me to our son. He always like the original version, but circumstances prevented us from getting a good print. So, we decided to just recreate it, only better.

My wife played creative director, and this is truly her vision of how she wanted it to look. Using graphite pencil, colored pencil and acrylic pen, we varied greatly from Mr. Stern's original photo, and tried to create a more alluring and softer look than what he wonderfully captured on film. From changing the face to the vibrant folds and colors in the blanket, she directed me and pushed me to create a piece that we can say our son truly loves.

I would love to hear your comments on this piece, so please email me any comments

Holiday Price Reductions

November 8th, 2012

The holidays are approaching quickly, and if you have been thinking about surprising a loved one with some custom artwork, now is the time to book a commission. Below are all examples of commission orders from some very happy clients.

Sizes and Rates for black & white are as follows:*

Size................Reg. Rate.......Holiday Rate
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20" x 30".............. $650.............$500!

Depending on the size, I need about 2-4 weeks to do a custom commission in black & white, and slightly longer if its color.
Contact me right away for more information.

*Requires a 30% non-refundable deposit. Does not include shipping charges. Balance due prior to delivery. Offer ends December 31, 2012.

Have I Got A Deal For You

November 2nd, 2012

Have I Got A Deal For You

I am offering these 3 original pieces of artwork, plus a 13" x 19" print, for only $299

You get

An original drawing of Playboy model Carlotta Champagne, graphite on Bristol board, 19" x 24," finished in 2012.

An original drawing of Playboy model Dana Dicillo, graphite on illustration board, 15" x 20," finished in 2006.

An original drawing of Playboy Playmate Louann Fernald, graphite on paper, appx 15" x 17, " finished way back in 1979.

Plus, you get your choice of any print, printed on 13" x 19" photo paper.

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